How to Use an Ozone Generator for Odor Removal

The fact that ozone is very effective for odor removal is making strides everywhere.  Ozone has been a long-standing tool for industries because it will cancel odors, sanitize, neutralize many pollutants, and kill mold.  Ozone is used to cure materials during manufacturing, and is used in thousands of municple water treatment facilities in the United States and around the world.  Ozone systems are also use to reclaim waste water or clarify retention ponds.

Does Ozone Kill Bedbugs?

Yes, ozone can kill bedbugs, but the challenge to actually get a complete kill is extremely hard to achieve.  First of all, discount what other promoters have said.  Most self-appointed gurus are biased. Most treatments get a mixed bag of results, and the effort to kill bedbugs is not as simple as buying an ozone machine.  While ozone has been used to kill insects, it is generally part of a much larger strategy.

How is Ozone Measured for Ozone Generators

A little ozone goes a very long way.  If you intend to use an ozone generator, let's get a little perspective on what a milligram of ozone is.  A milligram is a measurement of volume, not weight.  So, whatever we can fit into a one centimeter cube would make a milligram.  So, a Tylenol tablet has about 375-500 milligrams in that small space.  Weight may vary as dense items can have the same space, but less weight.  Air, like oxygen, put less atoms in that cubic centimeter than liquid or solids.

What is an Ozone Shock Application?

Ozone Shock DefinedThe question of "Ozone Shock" float about like a myth of blue fairies.  Is ozone shock real?  How does it happen, and what does it do?  We at the National Ozone Association have been trying to nail down this concept so it is more than the odd ozone rumor that few understand.  Ozone shock refers to a saturation point where ozone have maximum effect.

Advanced Odor Mitigation

We get a lot of questions about odor mitigation and price estimating.  I am always pleased to talk to people, but it recall that a teacher once said, if one person has a question, a lot of others have the same question but were afraid to ask.  So, I made copious notes over a six month period of the most persistent questions.  What to charge for not-so-normal jobs and how to attack stubborn odors were very common questions.

Remove Smoke Smell from Apartment or Home

One of the constant problems for anyone in the Odor Control services is the embedded smells that become a permanent part of the building.  These odros can come from cooking smells, pet odors, and smoke.   Embedded odors differ from something like a paint smell that happens for a while, then fades.  Embedded smells actually take hold and stay with you.  They are best detected when you leave your house for a while, and then you walk back in after a real chance to clear you nasal cavities.