Liquid Ozone but Even Better

Liquid ozone, also known as aqueous ozone, has a variety of commercial and medical applications; however aqueous ozone has proven awkward for remediation services.  Ozone does not stay suspended in water very long.  And, when pressurized to create a fine spray ozone escapes from the water even faster.  Finally, spraying copious amounts of water in most buildings is another problem. 

Start a Business Renting Infection-Prevention Systems

Some of the most successful business people found a moment in time that they used to catapult themselves to extraordinary success.  Crisis moments seem so very awful but ... maybe not.  If it were possible to take our eyes off the adversity and look for the opportunity, I believe we are in one of those unexpected moments when lives and fortunes can radically change.

Indoor Air Quality Training and Toxic Building Solutions

A number of ozone-type businesses started with the intent to treat or solve common odor problems.  Over time, these businesses expanded to treat mold and mildew problems, pet odors, and even crime scene cleanup.  The industry became a specialty cleaning service, which was a good niche market that filled the needs between a cleaning service and full-blown remediation services.

Ozone Shock Levels and Ozone Treatments

Lifecycle of OzoneThere are a number of common questions about ozone and how ozone is applied for an odor problem, for sanitizing, and mold treatment.  We also field questions about OZONE SHOCK and types of generators needed for proper ozone treatments.  Of course, much of the confusion comes from the Internet gurus who are actually boasting about their ozone generators for sale.

The Hydroxyl Generator Double Punch

Although I am not a golfer or even a duffer, I know that there are several clubs needed to properly play the game.  And a mechanic needs a variety of tools to do his job.  When it comes to hydrogen generators used to sanitize an area, room odors, or detoxify the building, professionals will often combine tools to achieve the double punch that brings greater results.